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Delightful Dining: What Our Customers Say

When it comes to special events, whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or a bespoke private soirée, picking the right catering service is absolutely crucial. After all, meals are often at the heart of any gathering, influencing the atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on all your guests. That's why at CaterMyEvent, we’re committed not just to serving meals but to creating memorable experiences.

If you're pondering over whether we’re the right choice for your special occasion, why not take a moment to hear directly from those who’ve experienced our services first-hand?

Real Experiences from Happy Couples

Tash Smith’s Wedding Celebration

We had the pleasure of catering the beautiful wedding of Tash Smith earlier this month. One of the things Tash particularly appreciated was the seamless communication throughout the planning phase – something we hold paramount. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but we strive to make it as smooth as possible.

"Tash and her spouse, Matt, were delighted with the variety of menu options. Eventually, albeit tough, they made their selections and the final outcome was a hit! The dishes weren’t just visually appealing; they were packed with mouthwatering flavours. Additionally, our on-site staff ensured everything ran efficiently, allowing Tash, Matt, and their guests to fully immerse in the joy of the occasion", said Suzanne, our events coordinator.

Tash's tip: Don’t shy away from asking for last-minute tweaks; flexibility is part of our ethos. We understand that perfecting those final details can make all the difference!

Tom Orrell’s Less Formal Festivities

Tom Orrell chose our BBQ Sharing Platter for his wedding at The Outbarn - a perfect match for the fantastic weather and the less formal, relaxed vibe he wanted. Our BBQ Sharing Platter is not just about dining; it’s an experience, encouraging guests to interact as they share a meal.

From the get-go, Tom found our team, including Marcus and Suzanne, to be accommodating and responsive. "The ability to customize their catering experience made their day unique and personal, which is something we aim to offer to all our clients", Marcus noted.

Tom’s highlight: The praise from the guests about the food being the best wedding fare they had ever had!

Stuart’s Autumn nuptials

Stuart’s wedding breakfast was a November affair to remember. Our team served up a feast that was both a visual treat and a delight to the palate. "The cheerfulness of our staff also seemed to have left a lasting impression, and this is something we pride ourselves on", mentioned one of the team leads.

Stuart's advice: Great food paired with smiling service is a recipe for success. It's not just about what's on the plate but also about how it’s presented and served.

What These Stories Mean for You

Each of these stories is unique, not just in the specifics of menu selection or event style, but in the way we tailored our approach to meet individual preferences and needs. At CaterMyEvent, we believe that our job isn’t simply to cater food, but to cater to your dreams for your special day.

So, if you’re planning an event in the North of England and looking for a team that prioritises quality, flexibility, and detailed personalisation, think of us. Whether it's exchanging vows under the open sky or celebrating milestones in ambient, elegantly decorated venues, let us help you make your event unforgettable.

Are you ready to plan your memorable event with us? Reach out today, and let’s start crafting a menu that echoes your style and vision. Our team is eager to add that special touch of sophistication and joy to your gathering. Remember, at CaterMyEvent, your celebration is our priority!

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